Instituto Mundo Libre is a therapeutic community for children
and adolescents at risk in Lima, Peru.

We, the Godparents in Washington DC, need YOU to help us help THEM.

This pandemic reminds us we are a community, whether local or global, and more than ever we need everyone’s help to support those most vulnerable amongst us.

It is critical that we support these vulnerable boys and girls;
they don’t belong in the streets!

All individual and corporate donations are required at this time as the need is greater than ever before. This pandemic has disrupted donations and other sources of income, leaving them vulnerable.

Click here for information about the work of Instituto Mundo Libre.

With your support, we’ll ensure they ride this wave and thrive after the pandemic is over.

For a safe and strong community, one child at a time.


Of the children of instituto mundo libre (IML)
washington, d.c.

Godparents IML is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization registered in Washington, DC.  We are a group of concerned citizens from various international organizations in the Washington Metropolitan area who got together in January 1997 to create the organization “Godparents for the Children of the Instituto Mundo Libre” (Godparents IML).  IML is a therapeutic community for children of the streets in Lima, Peru.  They house children ranging from 8 to 18 years of age found living in the streets who have left their homes/families for various reasons, mostly abuse.  Our mission is to support the work of the IML by getting involved directly with their teachers and mentors to ensure their well-being, as well as to provide needed funds to assist with diverse projects which help with the day-to-day functioning of the Institute.


In 1993 IML established the Open Doors Therapeutic Community for the Children of the Streets, with the purpose of rehabilitating boys, girls and adolescents consumers of psychoactive substances, promote their school reinsertion, occupational training and finally the resident’s social reinsertion, incorporating him/her to his/her family or to develop themselves independently. The Therapeutic Community achieves a re-socialization and rehabilitation of the same.


Boys work at the candle workshop. Candles are then sold to the public and the funds are used to cover the day-to-day costs of running the IML.


The boys learn to work at the ceramic workshop making pieces that are sold in the stands that the IML has in various shopping malls.